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Repabad Spiegel Sensorschaltung Beleuchtung perfectLight
perfectLIGHT – contactless sensor control

perfectLIGHT enables touchless, sensor-controlled adjustment of the brightness and color temperature of the mirror lighting. This can be easily switched on and off, dimmed and the light color can be individually adjusted from warm white (3000 K) to cool white (4000 K). The last set values are retained thanks to the memory function. The frosted glass strip shines with even, direct light without dazzling.

Repabad Spiegel Beleuchtung Memory Effect

Switch on the bathroom lighting and the bathroom shines directly in the brightness and light color last set. This is guaranteed by the memory function built into our bathroom mirrors.

Dimmbarer Badspiegel
The right bathroom lighting – perfect styling

Who hasn’t experienced the annoying problem of the lighting in the bathroom being far too dim and the make-up being completely wrongly dosed as a result. With our LED bathroom lighting, the color temperature can be individually adjusted. The light color ranges from daylight white, which is perfect for styling and applying make-up, to warm white, for a cozy end to the evening (color temperature: 3000 K – 4000 K). The bathroom light is sensor-controlled and can be dimmed without touching it. The memory effect ensures that the next time the light is switched on, it switches back to the saved settings.

Badpsiegel mit Spiegelheizung
Bathroom mirror with heating

Do you always want an unclouded view in the mirror? All mirrors in the Repabad range can be fitted with mirror heating. The heated mirror surface ensures that the mirror does not mist up.

Repabad Spiegel Look Bluetooth Reciever Lautsprecher Badspiegel
Bathroom mirror with music

Immerse yourself in a luxurious bathing experience with our bathroom mirror with Bluetooth function. Enjoy your favorite music directly in the bathroom while you look at yourself in the mirror. Wireless and stylish – for an uplifting start to the day or a relaxing end to the evening. The music can be selected and the volume controlled via the playback device. The scope of delivery includes 2 speakers that are not visibly attached to the product, impedance 4 Ohm.

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The 1×1 to buying a bathroom mirror

Optimum bathroom mirror size

Which bathroom mirror is right for my bathroom? Many bathroom renovators feel confronted with this question. In our bathroom guide, we provide valuable tips on bathroom mirror size, installing bathroom mirrors, bathroom lighting, etc.

Correct mirror position

The basic rule when buying a bathroom mirror is: Personal taste is the deciding factor. One person likes a round mirror, another prefers oval bathroom mirrors and the next likes rectangular bathroom mirrors. Our range of mirrors has the ideal bathroom mirror height of 80 cm from the outset. The width depends on the space available in the bathroom and the washbasin. As a general guideline, the bathroom mirror should not be significantly wider than the washbasin. The bathroom mirror should be mounted at an upper edge of around two meters.

The right mirror height for you depends on your height. Of course, different installation instructions apply for people in wheelchairs or small children. When installing the mirror, make sure that you hang it in such a way that all bathroom users can see each other clearly. Therefore, choose a generous cut-out.

Tip: For your children, as long as they cannot see themselves in the large bathroom mirror, simply attach a small mirror between the washbasin and the large mirror.

Extras for the bathroom mirror

Music from the bathroom mirror

Our bathroom mirrors with speakers are a special highlight. We install a Bluetooth receiver and loudspeaker invisibly in the mirror. This turns the bathroom mirror into a sound box and the perfect beat, soft tones or the news of the day come directly from the mirror in the bathroom.

Bathroom mirror with heating

Do you always want an unclouded view in the mirror? All mirrors in the Repabad range can be fitted with mirror heating. The heated mirror surface ensures that the mirror does not mist up.

Bathroom mirror light

If you choose not to buy a bathroom mirror but a bathroom mirror cabinet, our dimmable Lucier mirror light provides the perfect bathroom light.

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