Spa at home – a ritual for body & soul

Experience wellness at home in 4 simple steps

Warm up

Heat up the steam bath and prepare
  • Warm Up
  • Steam panels
  • Steam technology
  • Installation options
At a comfortable temperature in just a few minutes

Let’s go! First switch on the steam bath. While you prepare for the steam bath, the steam generator heats up vigorously. The steam bath will be up to temperature in no time. Take a shower while it is heating up, then the soothing session can begin straight away.

The heart of the steam bath

Powerful steam generator ensures dense steam

Product Volum Power Power connection Protection
DE 850 2,2 m³ 3,2 kW 230 V 16 A-B
DE 800 3 m³ 4 kW 230 V 20 A-B
DE 900 5 m³ 6 kW 400 V 3 x 16 A-B
DE 950 5 m³ 6 kW 2 x 230 V 2 x 16 A-B
DE 990 8 m³ 9 kW 400 V 3 x 16 A-B
DE 1005 5 m³ 6 kW 400 V 3 x 16 A-B
DE 1050 5 m³ 6 kW 2 x 230 V 2 x 16 A-B
DE 9010 8 m³ 9 kW 400 V 3 x 16 A-B
DE 9050 17 m³ 18 kW 400 V 3 x 35 A-B

The output of the steam generator is determined by the size and volume of the steam bath.

Installation in the corner
Installation at the wall
Installation in the niche

Feel good

Enjoy infrared during the heating phase
  • Infrared
  • Seat options
  • Entertainment
Repabad Dampfbad Dampfwand Infrarot Toronto
Pampering warmth

A highlight in the bathroom: the steam bath with infrared function. The combination of soothing steam and healing infrared deep heat has a positive effect on health and promotes well-being.

Your own playlist directly in the steam bath

A sound-optimized music experience in your own steam bath at home is made possible by the combination of a Bluetooth receiver and speakers specially developed for steam baths. These bring your personal favourite music into the bathroom with optimized sound. The individual playlist can be played directly in the steam bath via a smartphone or other end device if desired. It is operated via the playback device and the volume can be controlled via the steam bath control panel. The Bluetooth receiver has optimized sound settings for steam baths and the amplifier power is specially tuned to the invisible speakers.

The Bluetooth receiver and loudspeakers are built into the roof of the steam bath directly ex works and are not visible.


Take a deep breath and exhale
  • Sea climate
  • Color light therapy
  • Aromatherapy
Sea climate at home in the bathroom

Like a day by the sea! Because the walk by the sea takes place in the comfort of your own home. The brine function in the steam bath brings soothing, salty air directly into your steam bath at home.

Color light programs

Colors have a positive effect on your well-being. That’s why we have put together special color programs for the steam bath for you. However, if you simply want to enjoy your favorite color today or define your own color change, you can do this conveniently via the control panel.

Soothing fragrances

Fragrances in the form of essential oils or essences are added to the steam flow automatically or manually. They can unfold perfectly in the hot steam. Special aromas have a pleasant effect on physical and mental well-being. Aroma therapies have been used successfully in naturopathy for a very long time.

Cool down

The grand finale of steam bathing
  • Mist nozzle
  • Shower head
  • At home in the bathroom
Gentle cooling down after steam bathing

The fine spray mist from the mist nozzles provides a gentle cooling effect or acts like an infusion in between. No matter which application you choose, the soothing effect is guaranteed!

Individuelles Dampfbad Kopfbrause pure rain Brausedusche
Repabad individuelles Dampfbad abkühlen
Strengthening the immune system according to Kneipp

Just like after a sauna at home, a refreshing cool-down is also a must after a steam bath. It’s up to you to decide whether you want a short and intense cool-down or a slow one starting from the legs and working upwards. The change from warm to cold promotes blood circulation and strengthens the immune system.

Wellness at home – relax 24/7

A steam bath at home allows you to enjoy a soothing wellness experience every day – in complete privacy, without the hustle and bustle of a public facility. You don’t even have to share your wellness area with anyone after your steam bath! HomeSpa: enjoy it privately at any time!

  • Sufficient drinking

  • Take a break between the steam bath sessions

  • Keep your body warm, especially your feet

Our steam bath classics

Shower with steam bath in predefined sizes 100 x 100 x 220 cm or 120 x 100 x 220 cm

Steam bath costs

There is no question that converting your old shower into a comfortable, modern shower costs money. If you opt for a steam bath at home, this amount is included when the steam bath is installed. Because you get a timeless shower + steam bath in your own bathroom: your personal oasis of well-being!
1Find the steam shower for your bath.
2What are you planning?
3Please enter your bathroom measures
4Which steam shower technology you prefer?
5Choose the steam shower door
6Choose the steam shower floor
7Choose the preferred seating
8Do you prefer additional options for your steam shower?
9Please send us photos or plans of your current bathroom situation

Find the steam shower for your bath.

We incorporate our years of steam bath experience into your project. We support you from the first planning sketch to on-site installation and, if you wish, we will be happy to provide you with a competent steam shower specialist.

Virtual tour

Be inspired by our steam baths in our bathroom exhibition!

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Customized down to the last detail

A variety of design options for your steam bath
  • Wall panels
  • Doors
  • Shower trays
  • Roof
  • Variety of colors
Revolving door
Swing door
Sliding door
Veredelte Armaturen
Veredelte Armaturen im Dampfbad abgestimmt auf Die Optik Ihres Badezimmers
Veredelte Armaturen im Dampfbad
Veredelte Armaturen im Dampfbad
Veredelte Armaturen im Dampfbad
Veredelte Armaturen im Dampfbad
Veredelte Armaturen im Dampfbad
Veredelte Armaturen im Dampfbad

Surfaces: customized to your bathroom

Whether in a steam bath, whirlpool or the waste and overflow set for a bathtub, we make every product unique by finishing it. Whether black matt, stainless steel or gold look, almost any surface can be chosen. Just tell us the desired color and we will create an individual offer for your unique product.

Brushed Nickel
Messing Matt
Platin Matt
Schwarz Matt
Dark Platinum Matt

Your steam bath guide

Simply enjoy 365 days a year, 24 hours a day!

  • Technology
  • Steam bathing
  • Effects
  • Purchase and installation
  • Maintenance and repair
How does a steam bath work?

The heart of a steam bath is the generator, which brings water to boil. This produces steam, which enters the steam bath cabin via the steam nozzle (steam outlet). The steam bath is therefore connected to the water pipe with a cold water connection (1/2″). Which generator is used depends on the size, or rather the volume, of the steam bath.

Our rule of thumb: approx. 1 kW heating power is calculated for 1 m³.

Repabad recommends a 6 kW generator for a room volume of ≤ 5m³.
Again, the generator output determines the power connection: 230 volts up to 4 kW; 400 volts for 6-18 kW. The powerful generator ensures that the steam bath heats up quickly, so that the desired temperature is reached within a few minutes and a nice, dense steam image is created.

To prevent the steam from fogging up the entire bathroom, a closed room is a prerequisite for a steam bath. This means that in addition to a shower floor/shower tray, a roof and a glass cabin including a tightly closing door are required as steam bath components. A steam generator, seating and fittings are further components required for the operation of a steam bath. Further Spa equipment options are possible.

Our steam bath generators require 230 V / 50 HZ or 400 V / 50 HZ supply voltage, depending on the output.

For steam technology without a tap, a 1/2″ cold water connection is required; for the Ventura and Halifax steam bath panels with a tap, two cold water connections and a hot water connection are required.

If 35.00 cents/kWh (average electricity price 2023) is assumed for the kilowatt hour, the following calculation results when using a 6 kW steam generator:

0.37 € per kW/h – for continuous operation of 1h with 6 KW = 2.10 €

However, our steam generators do not require 6 kW of power during the entire use of the steam bath. They reduce the output as soon as the temperature is reached (after approx. 10 min.) and then reheat at a timed rate of 2 kW.

If the average steam bath session lasts 20 minutes with an estimated heating capacity of 15 minutes, the use of the steam bath costs € 0.53.

The water consumption of a steam bath depends on the power of the generator. A generator with 3 kW requires approx. 1 liter of water for one steam bath application (15 – 20 minutes), the 18 kW steam generator up to 6 liters per steam bath use.

Example: When the steam generator is in continuous operation with a power of 6 kW, it emits 8 kg of steam per hour. 1 kg of steam corresponds to 95% of one liter of water.

Rule of thumb: kW x 1.3 corresponds to the steam output of a steam generator per hour.

Losses at the heating elements of the generator (calcification) must be taken into account in the conversion.

The flow pressure of the water should be at least 2 bar for steam technology without fittings and 3 bar for steam bath panels with fittings (Ventura and Halifax).

Enjoy your steam bath

Do you like going to the sauna or have you been dreaming of your next wellness vacation for a long time, but don’t have the time? Then we have just the right solution for you with our steam bath for the home. The steam shower is a shower and steam bath in one. Our steam baths combine daily showering with pleasant steam bathing in your own bathroom. The steam sauna for the home fits into (almost) any bathroom, bringing a private spa into a small bathroom. A steam bath is possible from a shower area of 90 x 90 cm.

Additional steam bath equipment such as infrared, brine or aromatherapy provides a special health boost in the bathroom.

Infrared in the steam bath: the highlight in every bath, a combination that has it all. Infrared deep heat is most effective in a temperature range of 32 °C to 38 °C (thermoneutral zone). This is optimally achieved in the steam bath. This is because when the steam bath is in operation and infrared is switched on, the generator switches off at 38 °C and maintains the temperature in the optimum range for infrared deep heat.

Steam and heat, this highly effective combination, has been used for thousands of years for healing, soothing or preventative purposes. A steam bath at home in your own bathroom combines these benefits and makes the bathroom the center of well-being and health.

Infrared has a positive, health-promoting effect. If the steam bath and infrared are used together, the steam bath technology automatically switches off when the temperature reaches 38 °C – the thermoneutral zone. In this zone, the infrared application is very well tolerated by the human body and health-promoting effects can be achieved – immune system, prevention, well-being, vitality, etc.

Like a walk by the sea: brine brings the health benefits of salt into the steam bath cabin. Brine is used to prevent and cure respiratory diseases. It can have an anti-inflammatory and expectorant effect. The nebulized salt solution can also help with problematic skin and allergies. Salt on the skin increases sweating and detoxification, while the warm steam opens the pores. The brine cleanses and cares for the skin even better.

Aromatherapy has an effect on well-being via the sense of smell. The aromas dissolve excellently in the steam. Aromas have different modes of action and enhance the healing effect of the steam.

Mountain pine has a stabilizing, invigorating and circulation-enhancing effect on colds, aching muscles and limbs.
Eucalyptus has an invigorating and stimulating effect on bronchitis and colds.
Chamomile has a calming and antispasmodic effect on cramps and colds.
Lavender has a generally relaxing and calming effect on headaches.
Lemongrass has a stimulating effect on tiredness and lack of concentration.
Mango conveys freshness and light-heartedness and has a calming and uplifting effect.
Rose garden has a harmonizing, mood-enhancing and balancing effect on nervousness and restlessness.

Color light therapy or indirect color light systems influence the personal mood with specially coordinated color programs. Colors have different effects on people and therefore on their well-being. Each color has a typical wavelength and energy that affects the body. They can mobilize inner energy, vitalize the human organism and create a relaxed atmosphere. In this way, each day can be designed individually. Start the day vitalizing and stimulating in the morning and end the evening calming and harmonizing. Or shift down a few gears in the morning and take a leisurely approach to the day.

The receiver brings your personal beat into the steam bath. Music also has invigorating, calming or relaxing properties.

Mist nozzles installed in the steam bath roof provide a cool mist for gentle cooling during the steam bath and change the climate in the steam shower in a matter of seconds. Switching on the mist jets has the same effect as an infusion in the sauna.

The optimum length of stay in the steam bath is between 15 and 20 minutes.

How does steam bathing affect the human body?

Steam and heat, this highly effective combination, has been used for thousands of years for healing, soothing or preventative purposes. A steam bath at home in your own bathroom combines these benefits and makes the bathroom the center of well-being and health. Steam bathing in soothing warmth is a pleasant way to relax, loosen the muscles, boost the body’s defenses and vitality and detoxify and purify the entire body. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, an all-round wellness program in your own bathroom, in a small space, every day.

One hundred percent humidity is achieved with the evaporating water in the steam bath. The aim of the steam bath is not high temperatures and heavy sweating, but rather steam at around 42 to 45 °C that opens the pores. During the steam bath, toxins are transported out through the skin, the body is purified and detoxified, the skin is cleansed deep into the pores, the airways are cleared and lymphatic and blood circulation is stimulated.

  • Relaxation for body and mind: The warm, humid steam in the steam bath can help to relax the muscles and calm the mind. It is a perfect way to relieve stress and relax.
  • Skin care: The steam opens the pores of the skin, which promotes circulation and helps to remove impurities. A session in the steam room can contribute to a radiant complexion.
  • Respiratory relief: The moist steam can provide relief for respiratory problems such as colds, allergies and asthma by moistening the airways and loosening mucus.
  • Detoxification: The sweat you produce during a steam bath session can help flush toxins from the body and boost the immune system.
  • Improved circulation: The heat in the steam bath dilates the blood vessels and thus improves blood flow, which leads to a better oxygen supply to the cells.

Steam bath or steam shower: both terms stand for the same product. The term “steam shower” already includes the two functions of shower and steam bath in the word combination. A shower can be converted or retrofitted into a steam shower from an area of just 1 m². This means that a steam bath fits on the surface of a normal shower and offers more functions. For example, infrared, brine, colored light, music and aroma can be integrated directly into the steam bath. A plus in health and prevention aspects for your own bathroom.

The difference between a steam bath and a sauna lies in the type of heat. A sauna generates dry heat and is used in the temperature range from 60 °C upwards. Before a sauna session, a sufficient lead time of up to one hour must be planned in order to allow the cabin to heat up completely. A steam bath, on the other hand, works with 100 % humidity (water vapor) and is heated to a maximum of 50 °C. It only takes a few minutes to reach the desired temperature. Another difference lies in the effect of the heat used on the human body.

Buy a steam bath

We will be happy to advise you on buying a steam bath. Choose a steam bath that we have already planned for you, with fixed dimensions and components, or put together your own individual steam shower for your home according to your personal wishes and the size of your bathroom.

Regardless of which steam bath solution you choose, our steam bath experts will advise you and show you our wide range of options for your steam shower at home in our steam bath showroom in Wendlingen. You are of course welcome to test our wellness products for the bathroom. Make an appointment now, we will be happy to take the time for you!

The price of a steam bath depends on the size and the equipment selected. A steam bath is available from around € 12,500.00. This does not include the cost of installation.

The delivery time depends on the model selected. If the steam bath is custom-made and fitted into the bathroom with millimeter precision, i.e. the individual steam bath components are made to measure, the delivery time is approx. 8 – 10 weeks. If the decision is made in favor of a model with fixed dimensions and equipment components, delivery takes approx. 4 – 5 weeks.

The difference lies in the delivery time and the dimensions. The standard steam bath is available in fixed sizes and dimensions and with certain equipment components. The delivery time is therefore only approx. 4 – 5 weeks. An individual steam bath is made to measure as a one-off and equipped according to individual customer requirements. The delivery time is therefore approx. 8 – 10 weeks.

Visit our exhibition! Experience and test the beneficial effects of a steam bath directly at our company headquarters in Wendlingen near Stuttgart. If this is not possible, please contact our head office on +49 (0) 7024 / 94 11 0 or and we will be happy to tell you about a showroom near you.

Get in touch with us!
Contact our head office on +49(0)7024 / 94 11 0 or send us a message to We will help you directly and put you in touch with the right partner company.

The room height must be taken into account when installing a steam bath. Ideally, there should be at least 12 cm of space from the top edge of the glass cabin to the ceiling to accommodate the technology. If this distance is not available, our steam bath specialists have solutions ready that will allow the steam bath to be installed anyway. To prevent damage to the building fabric and to achieve a comfortable temperature in the steam bath in a short space of time, it is important that a vapor barrier is fitted to the wall. Additional insulation of the walls is an advantage.

Repabad Instandhaltung eines Dampfbades Reinigung

Descaling should be carried out after approx. 30 operating hours. However, you do not need to keep meticulous records, as the system automatically reports when descaling is necessary. The time may vary depending on the water hardness. The descaling liquid is filled in and the descaling process is started via the control panel. That’s it! The rest is done by the sophisticated technology.

Depending on water hardness – steam bath descaling on average:
H1 (0 – 7° dH) = 30 hours*
H2 (7 – 14° dH) = 25 hours*
H3 (14 – 21° dH) = 20 hours*
H4 (>21° dH) = 15 hours*
*Hours (pure operating hours, not the time spent in the steam bath)

The steam bath is cleaned like a shower. After the steam bath, the glass walls, tiles and floor are cleaned with a squeegee. The walls of the glass cabin and the door are coated with repaCLEAR so that water droplets roll off easily.

Descaling should be carried out after approx. 30 hours of operation. However, you do not need to keep meticulous records, as the system automatically reports when descaling is necessary. The time may vary depending on the water hardness. The descaling liquid is filled in and the descaling process is started via the control panel. That’s it! The rest is done by the sophisticated technology.

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