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Jointless wall cladding in the bathroom with natural materials

Jointless & Modern

Do you want a new jointless look in your bathroom? Redesign your bathroom walls quickly and easily with our REPANEEL wall panelling. The large-format wall panels made of natural materials can be glued to the wall almost seamlessly. They are very robust and scratch-resistant.

Our REPANEEL wall panels are made of natural materials – cement from limestone and clay marl mixed with limestone powder and cellulose reinforcement fibres – and are free of harmful substances. All panels are available in the format 250 x 125 cm in a material thickness of 4 mm. Due to their very low expansion when exposed to heat, REPANEEL wall decor panels are suitable for installation in steam baths.


Scratch resistant & robust

Resistant surface

Leichte Verarbeitung

Good to work with

Simply cut to the desired dimensions


Easy care

Easy to clean with standard mild detergents.


Natural materials

Free from harmful substances

Surface structure REPANEEL

The surface of the wall panels is rough like natural stone, easy to clean, very resistant and scratch-proof. REPANEEL is available in the decors STONEGREY, TERRAZZO LIGHT GREY, SHUTTERING CONCRETE, ANTHRAZITE, VANILLA, SAND and the design format STRUCTURE with 3D effect.

Shuttering Concrete
Terrazzo Lightgrey
  • Material
  • Aluminium profiles
  • Application area
  • cleaning
Repaneel Wandplatten aus Naturmaterialien

REPANEEL wall panels are made of natural materials, cement from limestone and clay marl mixed with limestone powder and cellulose reinforcement fibres, and are free of harmful substances. For the decor, the panels are printed directly with a lightfast digital print and finished with a hard coating. The panel edges are not visible edges and should be covered with profiles.

  • 1

    Special coating

  • 2

    High-quality, lightfast digital print

  • 3

    Tough-elastic intermediate layer

  • 4


  • 5

    Mineral, sustainable carrier board

Repabad Wandpaneel Repaneel Aluprofile

The wall panels can be connected with matching aluminium profiles without a joint. If the panel edge is visible, the end profile is used. The connection profile creates the transition between two panels. The inner and outer corner profiles can be used for corner joints. All profiles have a length of 250 cm and are available in the colours aluminium anodised, black silk matt and white silk matt.

Repabad Wandpaneel Einsatzbereiche Badstrukturen
Range of application

The wall panels are suitable for wet areas, can be used in steam baths due to their low thermal expansion, and for the installation of panel heating. Of course, REPANEEL wall panels can also be used for generous room design in all interior areas.

Repabad Wandpaneel Spezialreiniger für Badewannen

Standard household cleaning agents and a microfibre cloth are sufficient for cleaning the REPANEEL wall cladding. Abrasive and aggressive cleaning agents must not be used. We recommend the Repabad Special Cleaner, 500 ml.

Jura Wall panel

Beautiful shower back panel thanks to our classy design

glossy & grand

The large mineral casting wall panels (100 x 200 cm or 120 x 220 cm) are ideal for use in shower areas. They can be used to create a shower zone with minimal joints and give the wall cladding an unbroken, continuous look. The wall panels are 6 mm thick.

Jura Wandpaneele Mineralguss Repabad Repaneele

(*in-stook goods)

Variety of colors

The large mineral casting wall panels are available in the colors: white*, anthracite*, cappuccino*, chocolate and cement

Wide range of products

We have much more to offer besides a shower cabin with a back wall


Let go and relax


Feel reborn, every day


Comfortable bench

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