Washbasin Genf

Minimalist & timeless

Elegant wall-mounted washbasins for your bathroom

The modern form of washbasin

Genf washbasin series, which matches the bath range of the same name, impresses with a minimalist, almost archaic stylistic idiom, in a contemporary design. The slim edges of the washbasin, which can be mounted on counter tops or walls, look elegant and timeless. Genf line is available as single and double washbasins.

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Product data

Ceramic washbasins in various sizes

VersionDimensionsWeightData sheet
GENF 4545 x 45 x 11 cmca. 13 kgDownload
GENF 6060 x 45 x 11 cmca. 16 kgDownload
GENF 7070 x 45 x 11 cmca. 17 kgDownload
GENF 8080 x 45 x 11 cmca. 19 kgDownload
GENF 9090 x 45 x 11 cmca. 23 kgDownload
GENF 100100 x 45 x 11 cmca. 24 kgDownload
GENF 120 XL120 x 45 x 11 cmca. 30 kgDownload
GENF 120 120 x 45 x 11 cmca. 30 kgDownload
GENF 140140 x 45 x 11 cmca. 35 kgDownload
Series: Genf
Material: Ceramic
Colour: White, White Matt, Black Matt
Care instructions: Download

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