Installation box makes fitting simple

The installation set for your ultra-flat shower

Installationsbox Duschwanne Montagezubehör Repabad

The installation box for your barrier-free shower

In order to seal the shower properly, an installation box is embedded into the screed for the shower drain, and incorporated in the alternative seal using the sealing collar provided. The shower tray is mounted directly on the screed after it is sealed in accordance with regulations. That allows the floor tiles to be laid right up to the edge of the tray.

Note that the material thickness of the tile and adhesive must be at least 1.5 cm. The tiler does the preparatory work. The bathroom installation specialist completes the installation. This ensures a clear separation of the trade crafts. Installation of ultra-flat shower trays is eligible for subsidies from development bank KfW in Germany and nursing insurance funds.

Areas of application:

  • Steel shower trays
  • Acrylic shower trays
  • Solid surface shower trays
  • Mineral casting shower trays
  • Ultra-flat acrylic shower trays
  • Renovation
  • New builds


  • Separation of individual trade crafts (sealing/installation)
  • Easy to seal thanks to clear transitions
  • Two different heights (75/110 mm)
  • Pipe collar integrated in the system
  • Complies with the water tightness test per ETAG 022
  • Quick installation: just one component
  • Flexible positioning
  • Compensates construction tolerances up to 25 mm

Step-by-step instructions

Fit your level access shower in no time

Dichtmanschette Instalationsbox

Step 1

Set and position the drain box.

Ebenheit Installationsbox auswiegen

Step 2

Lay the screed; match the level of the screed and floor.

Installationsbox ebenerdig

Step 3

Apply the seal/fit waterproof seal to the building structure.

verputzen Installationsbox

Step 4

Setting the ultra-flat shower tray.

Dusche anbringen Installationsbox

Step 5

Setting the level access shower tray

Dusche einbauen Installationsbox

Step 6


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