Washbasin Micro

geometric & perfect in form

The wash basin for your guest bathroom

A compact solution for small bathrooms and toilets

Design in small bathroom: as the name already suggests, Micro is a small, compact washbasin that is perfect for bathrooms and toilets with limited space. All models are fitted with a ceramic drain cover.

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Product data

Different sizes for our washstand

VersionDimensionsWeightData sheet
MICRO 3030 x 30 x 11 cmca. 6 kgDownload
MICRO 4040 x 30 x 11 cmca. 7 kgDownload
MICRO 6060 x 30 x 11 cmca. 10,5 kgDownload
MICRO 4545 x 20 x 11 cmca. 6 kgDownload
MICRO 5550 x 25 x 11 cmca. 8,5 kgDownload
MICRO 7575 x 27 x 11 cmca. 12 kgDownload
MICRO 8080 x 25 x 11 cmca. 12,5 kgDownload
Series: Micro
Material: Ceramic
Colour: White, White Matt, Black Matt
Care instructions: Download

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