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The first infrared panel from Repabad for your living room

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Repabad’s new Malaga infrared panel makes it easy to have soothing infrared warmth in your home. Simply mount Malaga on the wall like a picture frame, then plug it into a socket or hook it up to a fixed source of electricity. The compact glass panel fits neatly against the wall and saves space. Once turned on, it releases its full power. At the press of a button, it provides soothing infrared warmth for body, mind and soul. The elegant glass panel is available in the colours Dark Black, Obscure, Snow, Pearl and Coffee, or it can be customized with any of the RAL colours, if desired. Depending on the glass colour you choose, Malaga can either add a special touch of colour to the room, or it can be subtle and discreet.

The glass has a total length of 109.5 cm and a width of 36.5 cm. The aluminium-look housing is slightly recessed, making it narrower (106.5 x 33.5 cm). This recess gives Malaga the appearance of lightness. The panel has a depth of 10 cm; with its backrests and height-adjustable headrest it protrudes just 21 cm from the wall. The soft, pliable backrests ensure the proper distance is maintained between your back and the infrared heater. Integrated in the glass surface is a control panel, which you can use to adjust the level of the infrared heat application to the user’s individual heating needs at any time.

Malaga is well suited for numerous rooms, including bedrooms, living rooms, home offices and more, with the exception of wet zones. If you wish to use infrared in the bathroom, shower or steam bath, we also provide solutions for these as well. Our Bilbao, Palma and Lissabon infrared panels are waterproof, and they are specially designed for rooms with wet zones.

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The glass shower and steam panels are available in the colours Dark Black, Obscure, Snow, Pearl, Coffee and, on request, in all RAL shades.

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