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Product philosophy

Gunther Stolz on Repabad’s product philosophy

“Our products meet people’s needs for their bathrooms. They are easy to operate, self-explanatory and can be tailored for bespoke bathrooms in colour and size. When developing our products, we focus on people and their individual requirements for bathrooms.”
Gunther Stolz

Award-winning products

Design awards, design accolades and innovation awards

Renowned design awards confirm our endeavour

Many international design awards and innovation accolades confirm our endeavour. Our products meet the requirements for modern bathrooms, while maintaining our focus on health. We strive to produce innovative, functional bathroom products combined with elegant design.

Our close cooperation and dialogue with selected designers, use of state-of-the-art processes and manufacturing methods as well as premium materials, pay off. Our steam showers, baths and shower baths have won many renowned international design awards, design accolades and innovation awards.

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