Bespoke steam shower cabin for your bathroom

Design options for your steam shower in the bathroom

Repabad Dampbad Zuhause

Your bespoke steam shower

You can customise our steam showers to your requirements:

Equipment and fixture options like the halotherapy function for a salty atmosphere, similar to that in a salt cave or a trip to the seaside, offer additional health benefits. Our infrared modules make the steam shower even more multifunctional, adding the health benefits of an infrared cabin to the steam shower. Music, coloured light and pleasant aromatherapy scents will enchant you and ensure deep relaxation of your body, mind and soul. Our experts are available to advise and help you at any time. Let our showroom in Wendlingen inspire you and test our steam showers at your leisure.

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1. Steam shower technology

Powerful steam generator for steam showers

Repabad steam shower – technology is becoming more compact

The powerful generators are the heart of every Repabad steam shower. They ensure the strong steam output Repabad is known for. The steam shower technology is installed in panels, in complete shower panels or as external equipment.

In Repabad products, all steam shower fucntions and optional extras can be controlled conveniently using the control panel with a simple and clear layout, eliminating the need to scroll through long menus.

Steam panels

Award-winning design

Steam generators

The heart of your steam shower

Toronto steam shower panel

Clearly designed glass cabin

2. Ceiling

The ceilings of our steam shower kits

Top mounted ceiling

Bespoke ceiling design

Top recessed ceiling

The right style for you

Top overlay ceiling

Visually cohesive

3. Glass partition

Glass steam shower door for your cabin

Steam door for mounted ceilings

Glass and ceiling – Hand in hand

Steam door for recessed ceilings

The classy entry

Steam door for recessed ceilings with sliding doors

The door for every shower

4. Shower tray

Premium shower tray for steam showers

Tileable floor elements

Harmonious and unique

Super-flat floor element

Barrier-free shower experience

Floor elements with channel

An extraordinary accent

Bespoke solid surface shower trays

The right tray, made to measure


Feel reborn, every day

5. Seating option

The steam shower bench for better comfort

Calgary tileable bench

Perfect fit

Chicago tileable bench

Simple and rounded

Columbia tileable bench

Wide range of design options

Vancouver ceramic bench

Gentle heat thanks to IR-C radiation

Bathroom stool

Practical seating

6. Accessories

A wide range of steam shower accessories for your bathroom

Steam shower aromatherapy

Aromatic fragrances for your steam shower

Bluetooth receiver

Up-to-date technology

Indirect light therapy system

Atmospheric lighting

Steam shower speaker

Waterproof and high-quality sound

LED power spotlight

Replenish your energy under the light

Lissabon infrared panel

Simple operation with Vision 3000 control panel

Mist nozzle

Gentle cooling

Shower heads

The special handheld shower head


Therapeutic steam with health benefits

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