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Shower bath with entrance and glass partition

Stairway shower bath, the bath of generations with stairs. Simple access via the stairs combined with the ergonomically shaped handles ensures security and comfort when stepping into the bath. Stairway impresses with a spacious shower area (105 x 105 cm) with a seat, which can also be used as a convenient shelf. The internal step serves as a foot rest. Simply supporting yourself with your foot prevents submersion. This allows people of different to always bathe in comfort in the spacious bath.

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VersionDimensionsBase lengthWater capacityData sheet
STAIRWAY 170 left*170 x 105 / 80 x 46 cm138 cm195 lDownload
STAIRWAY 170 left°170 x 105 / 80 x 46 cm138 cm195 lDownload
STAIRWAY 170 right*170 x 105 / 80 x 46 cm138 cm195 lDownload
STAIRWAY 170 right°170 x 105 / 80 x 46 cm138 cm195 lDownload
Series: Stairway
Material: Bathroom acrylic
Colour: White
Coating: Optional repagrip

* two-part splashguard
° three-part splashguard

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